The Band — Christmas Term 2011

Produced By: Jordan Laughlin, Glenda Orila, Yuting Zhong
Edited By: Mr. E. Baptiste, Mrs. K. Mackenzie

Our Own Young Artist

Aishwara Keri Rampersad
Painting - “Dancer”

On the 18th November 2011, Aishwara Keri Rampersad participated in an exhibition at The Trinidad and Tobago Art Society in Federation Park. Here is what Aishwara said about the experience in her own words.
“One of the most thrilling experiences of my life. It’s hard to explain how I felt. Words like exciting, special, happy, wonderful, beautiful come to mind. I always had trouble drawing and painting people. The fact that I finally could, made me feel ecstatic.”
The editors of the BAND congratulate Aishwara on her achievement and we encourage you to continue reaching for the stars.

Principal’s Blog

A special thank you to Mr. Baptiste, Glenda Orila and all those who contributed to this term’s edition of The BAND!
Parents, how many of you feel that sometimes it takes way too much effort to get your kids to do acceptable things and to behave appropriately? Well, we would like you to know that you are not alone in this “battle”. We are here to join you and to work as a team to ensure that our children develop into well rounded, respectful and successful adults. We hope to share some thoughts with you this term so that we are always on the same page when it comes to the welfare of our gems.
Let us begin the collaborative process by provoking your thoughts with this:
“Spending quality time with family members has diminished over the years as less time is spent around the dinner table.”
When last did we spend time having dinner or simply eating a meal with our kids and reinforcing good manners and behaviour?

Cancer Awareness Month

October was Cancer Awareness Month. Mrs. Quiyou and her Form 5 class provided the school with general information about the illness and students of her form were seen selling ribbons, with different colours each week corresponding to specific cancer types, e.g. pink for breast cancer and pearl white was lung cancer etc. Students sold ribbons during the break periods and ribbons could be seen pinned to everyone’s shirts in a short time. Form 5 also organized the sale of baked goodies and other items to help raise funds and $2,000.00 was proudly donated to the Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society.
October 2011.