Support Us

As with all schools that aspire to the highest ideals, material support is vital for The British Academy's future. The School is seeking support to enhance and develop its resources for current classroom projects, scholarships and bursaries, the care of our present campus, and the major investment needed for our future campus.

We invite you to read about how you can donate and how different types of gifts can benefit The Academy.

Thank you for your interest. Your support really can make a difference.

Our fundraising activities support a variety of projects, the current ones being:

  • Science Lab

    We have built a new science lab for 2007.  This involved refurbishing a storage room with sinks, counter tops, a fume hood and an overhead projector to prepare for general science as well as A’ level Chemistry and Biology. Apart from the building costs, we are seeking assistance with stocking our lab. This project was started with the assistance of one our generous partners Trinidad Wireline Ltd.

    (Total funding required: US $32,000.00 or equivalent in materials)

  • Computer & Multimedia Lab

    The Academy is committed to each child being able to individually work on a computer.  We currently have 15 desktops in the computer room and as our student population grows, we envision 20 computers in the lab.

    This will facilitate a class of 15 (our norm) and also allow access for A level student research/project work.  As well as the capital investment in hardware we will be purchasing teaching software for the faculty.

    (Total funding required: US $32,000.00 or equivalent in materials)

  • Library

    In our efforts to have an excellent resource as well as being up to date in current reading material the Academy is always looking to upgrade its Library. Whether in the shape of donating reference books or sponsoring a relevant subscription your gifts will be most appreciated.