Secondary Admissions

Parents or Guardians must provide The British Academy with the following:

  1. The student’s academic reports for the last year
  2. One reference letter from the Principal of the last institution which the student attended
  3. A psycho-educational report of the student where applicable
  4. Birth certificate for nationals
  5. Birth certificate and passport for non-nationals
  6. One passport picture

Note: The registration process will not be finalized until these documents have been received and verified


Assessments are conducted for entry into Forms 1-3 and at any other level when comparable reports are not available to determine placement levels. The British Academy also places emphasis on student discipline and work ethics which can be observed during their assessment visit or may also be revealed in school reference letters and reports. In some cases, students may also be interviewed by the Principal or Dean.

Attainment Targets and Level Descriptions:

The UK Curriculum has attainment targets for knowledge, skills and understanding expected of learners completing each level. The British Academy Curriculum also has required levels of performance aligned with the UK standards and sequenced towards performance at IGCSE and A Level qualifications.


Promotion from each year level is dependent on students’ performance and ability and their attainment level. In some cases, students may be required to repeat that particular year with special intervention if applicable or attend vacation classes to prepare for the transition. Parents will have an indication of their children’s promotion status throughout the terms during teacher conferences. Parent teacher conferences provide an opportunity for parents and teachers to discuss, monitor student performance and plan for remediation.

Learning Difficulties:

Students with identified learning difficulties are supported throughout their years at The British Academy through knowledge and understanding. When it becomes necessary to seek additional assistance, The British Academy supports specialized tutor sessions and support provided by the parents.

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