lower Secondary Curriculum

Key Stage 3 – Years 7-9 (Forms 1-3)

Years 7-9 at Key Stage 3 is the British equivalent to Forms 1-3. During these years students continue studying the same subjects as they did during year six along with French. Progression from years 7 through 9 will be based on student achievement and readiness.

The Curriculum at this level provides the foundation elements necessary for Key Stage 4, and gives students the opportunity to develop a broad knowledge and skill set for all subjects. Independent, as well as group work, support the development of knowledge application and analytical thinking. At the end of Key Stage 3 – Form 3, students select subjects for IGCSE -Form 4-5, and are encouraged to include a Science and Foreign Language, as well as a practical type subject such as Art and Design, ICT or PE.

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