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To register your interest in choosing The British Academy for your child’s education please see list of documents required for enrollment for the group you are interested in:

 Forms 1 to 3

  • Completed Registration Form
  • $200 Registration Fee
  • $600 Assessment Fee – $1000.00 Non National students
  • The student’s academic report for the last year
  • One reference letter from a Head Teacher or Principal of the last institution which the student attended
  • A Psycho-educational report of the student where applicable
  • Birth certificate for nationals
  • Birth certificate and passport for non-nationals

The first step is to contact our admissions office to arrange an appointment to tour the school.


The second step is to officially register your interest in achieving a placement for your child at The British Academy by completing a Registration Form below. There are two ways to access them: 

  • Download forms here: Registration Form  (Forms 1 to 3) 
  • Pick up a form from the Academy at 23 Alexandra Street, St. Clair

Your application will be processed when the admissions office receives your completed registration form, accompanying paperwork and registration fee.

Assessment Visit

After registration, prospective pupils are invited to visit the school for a short visit. They will be given an age appropriate assessment and they will have the opportunity to see whether or not they like the school, and the school has the opportunity to see whether or not the pupil is able to access the curriculum at a level in keeping with the children in the proposed class.

Following this visit the admissions staff will contact you. If the visit is successful, and there is space available, your child will be offered a place. If a place is not currently available the child will be placed on a waiting list until such time as a place becomes available. If we do not offer your child a place at The British Academy we will seek to provide a full and frank explanation of our reasons. On occasion, it is not possible for a child re-locating from abroad to visit the school. In these circumstances the child may be offered a place on the basis of the school reports alone. As with all final admission decisions, this is entirely at the discretion of the Principal.


When your child is offered a place at The British Academy you will be required to pay a $13,200.00 towards the Capital Fund to hold the place. This fee is for Forms 1 to Form 5. Please see Fees and Policy for Sixth Form students.

The first term’s school fees for any student commencing at The Academy in September of any given year, is payable by the 30th June of that year, once the student has been assessed, accepted and the Capital Fee paid.

Thereafter school fees are to be paid within the first 2 weeks of each new term.


The admissions office will send out a package of information prior to your child’s arrival in school. This includes our school calendar, and a variety of forms to be completed. An orientation session will be held for new parents and children during the week prior to the start of each term. Parents and children are invited to attend this morning session when they will be introduced to the Form teachers and staff of The British Academy.

The staff and existing pupils are keen to welcome our new families and help make your transition as smooth as possible.

Medical Questionnaire

Textbook & Stationery Requirements

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