Skills Beyond the Classroom

British Academy's students brought Christmas cheer when they visited the Our Lady of the Wayside Halfway House


 British Academy Form 2 - Cancer Awareness Initiatives

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 An Adventure with Power Tools

In January 2013, The British Academy introduced a new subject called Elective or Wood Shop as the boys say. Several Form 3 students began to learn basic skills that were part of a practical, problem-solving approach to learning. Their projects included the front wall of pictures, covered with plexi glass which they had to measure, calculate quantities, cut and install, all under the firm guidance of Coach.

They moved on in Term 3 to research, design and build model World War I and II aircrafts, and then retrieved some discarded pallets and created a wonderful rustic bar. The pictures below show their progress.



 Calendar Winners



Art pieces have been selected from this group of students Forms 1-5, for the British Academy 2014-2015 Calendar. Well done students, we look forward to next years Calendar.


The BA Young Leaders 2013

The British Academy's students' are taking part in the Young Leaders 2012/2013 initiative where the theme this year focuses on Bullying.

"Bullying: Changing attitude through positive action"

Their aim is to raise awareness of this issue and how to best combat it firstly in our own school community and then extending it out to Primary Schools.

Check out their blog to see what they've been up to and feel free to contribute to their discussions and forums.

The British Academy Young Leaders 2013 blog: