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mercedes prevatt
institute of arts,

My time studying at British Academy was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The structure of the curriculum offered ensured that our classes for each subject were more than just writing notes but lessons that were engaging, with open discussions that encouraged us to think critically. Now I find myself more open-minded, able to use these approaches and apply them to my studies at university. Furthermore, the guidance and essential life tips provided by my teachers both in and outside of the classroom as well as my leadership roles within the school have allowed me to take on new challenges and opened doors to new opportunities and experiences. 



Class of 2017  

(Former Head Girl and House Captain of Livingstone)

monique andrew
Paris, france

After leaving The British Academy I started ESMOD International Fashion School, studying Stylisme (design) and Modelisme (pattern making). My first year was unlike anything I had experienced and a massive learning experience. The many skills I learnt at The British Academy helped me to adapt to my new school life but outside of school was a different story.


We have a very intensive programme which was an adjustment as the way of teaching is more technical. My school prepares us for the fashion industry itself and so we are very hands on and working on being clean and precise in our designs, aiming for perfection. We can spend months focusing on creating our final garment and there are multiple prototypes to be made and inspiration books and a bunch of important but tiny details that I never knew were so important with fashion design.


I can definitely say I don’t have the typical university student lifestyle. My own consists of late nights sewing and going out with my friends to buy fabric. Paris can be lonely at times like any big city but I think that in those moments, when you must do things independently you notice things about the world and you truly find yourself.


There are moments when the pressure of consistently being perfect dwell on me but overall I can definitely say I am extremely happy with the person I have become and couldn’t be more content about my current life situation and surroundings.


I am so grateful to my parents for supporting me and my dreams and to The British Academy for teaching me a great work ethic.

Monique Andrew

Class of 2017

soraya pathmanandam
international relations
UWI, trinidad

My experience as a British Academy student was nothing less than enlightening. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the school for the four years I attended. The teachers allow you to reach your full potential in your strong areas and also support you outside of the classroom, to say in other words, my teachers became more like family after some time. I feel as if I had major growth as a person at the British Academy, not only as a student but also in my personal life. The school gave me wonderful experiences as well as some amazing friends that I will cherish forever. Due to the British Academy’s well-structured academics and teachers, I am now going to The University of the West Indies, where the foundation built by the school is giving me the ability to excel in life.

Soraya Pathmanandam

Class of 2018


ayodele riley

Leaving the British Academy was a bitter sweet moment for me, having to leave my second home and my second family did make me very sentimental but it also helped me realize how grateful and thankful I am for the years I’ve spent there. The British Academy has molded me into the person that I am today and I am thankful.

I have made so many amazing and outrageous memories with my classmates and teachers, and created many close friendships and relationships among the students and the staff that I cherish deeply. Coming from a school with more than 500 students, it was quite refreshing to be in a smaller school environment with such a diverse student population with students from different backgrounds. School plays, community service and events such as sports day brought not only my classmates and I but the student body together as well, creating opportunities to socialise with other groups and ages. They were great bonding experiences and I definitely enjoyed those moments most, as well as being able to spend time with the primary and integrate them with the older students. I have met and created relationships with some of the most amazing people among the students and staff and have had many great moments with them and I hope to maintain them in the future. Being relatively shy and anxious my classmates and teachers have made me feel very comfortable bringing me out of my shell and have always helped me in my time of need, taking the time to listen, relate and help solve any issues that I may have had. I am quite appreciative of my teachers as they have given me the necessary time, guidance and attention that I needed in order to excel in my academics, also teaching me many life lessons that I apply to my everyday routine. My teachers became my biggest motivators when I lacked confidence in myself and have gained my trust and love. I have a great sense of respect and gratitude to the staff of the British Academy that dedicate so much time into the school and ensure that the students’ interests are catered to. In terms of Academics, The British Academy provides a wide range of subjects and content that I hadn’t been exposed to and that some schools do not offer. Before I had great difficulty excelling in my school work but due to the fact that the school is much smaller than most, teachers were able to give us more attention and break things down more effectively and efficiently to ensure that we were comfortable with the content and understood it to the fullest. With this my results excelled significantly as well as my confidence in myself and I can proudly say that I am capable of producing great results.

My High school experience was fruitful as I have met and worked with so many amazing, talented and intelligent people, have made some unforgettable memories and secured some great friendships. Despite the long terms and stress that comes along with exams, I have learned a lot about myself, being elected Head Girl has helped me to realise that I am capable of being a leader and that people do believe in me. I hope to have made an example for the students and I do also hope that the British Academy knows that I am grateful for them all and that they have a special place in my heart.

Ayodele Riley

Class of 2018

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