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Spoken language underpins the development of both reading and writing. Indeed, educational experts agree that the quality of language which students hear and speak is vital for developing their grammar, vocabulary and critical thinking skills. At the ESB (English Speaking Board) students are currently building self-esteem and confidence in public speaking, as well as recognizing the importance of developing keen listening skills and teamwork. These are life skills which, once learned, are never lost.

Aryanne Lopez, Dayne Perriera, Chloe Khan, Dylan Jagdeo and Andrew Rostant have spent the last two terms on Thursday afternoons being our “pilot” students at The British Academy for the ESB programme. They were taught by Mrs Banks-Khan, sole Facilitator of the ESB in T&T, how to do spoken presentations with visual aids, recite poetry with expression and read from their favorite books to generate interesting discussions. Listening attentively and asking appropriate questions were also part of the programme where “Every Student Benefits”.

Next January The British Academy will be the first secondary school in the Caribbean to offer this Internationally recognized certificate. If you are not in Form Four next year with the option to pursue this certificate, just turn up on Thursdays in the General room where Mrs. Banks-Khan, will be willing to assist.

We will also be fortunate to have a Debating Skills workshop with our UK assessor in January. Debating has now been added to the Spoken English component of the National Curriculum in the UK and we trust that everyone will try to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Remember: ESB does not just refer to the English Speaking Board; it also means “Every Student Benefits”

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