The students at The Academy are all engaged in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) from Reception up to year 9. They actively participate in ICT classes which teach them how to use and manipulate several multimedia devices in many different ways. In addition students are prepared for the wider community and work life by mastering different software applications like Microsoft Powerpoint, Word, Excel, Access and Adobe Dreamweaver. 

The students’ use of technology is not restricted however to these time-tabled ICT classes. They also engage in the school’s ICT resources during their regular subject periods. Our ICT club was also formed to allow students to develop further ICT skills and reinforce theory taught in classes. Students learn programming, PC repair and assembly, new and evolving technologies via interactive discussions and other fun activities. Many of our teachers are also very comfortable and some are proficient in the use of ICT. This ensures that ICT is infused throughout the Academy’s curriculum. Teachers use interactive methods to engage students in their learning and encourage the use of ICTs as a valuable modern learning tool.

The school has a fully equipped ICT and Language Labs and boasts of one computer per child with high-speed internet connectivity and other multimedia devices such as document presenters, projectors, speakers, headphones and our SMART Boards.