Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum was developed inline with the UK’s education system, where key stages represent the different grades comparable to the local and US education.

Primary School consists of the following:

  • Key Stage 1 – Year 1 & 2 (Standard 1)
  • Key Stage 2 – Year 3, 4 & 5 (Standard 2-4)
  • Key Stage 2 – Year 6 (Lower 1/Standard 5)

For details on the primary curriculum, click here.

Secondary School consists of the following:

Key Stage 3 – Year 7-9 (Form 1 -3)

Key Stage 4 – Year 10-11 (Form 4-5)

Key Stage 5 – Year 12-13 (AS and Advance Levels)

For details on the Secondary curriculum, click here.

Further Support

Please check our wiki site below, as new information and links are posted regularly.

The British Academy Wiki Site


The students at The Academy are all engaged in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) from Reception up to year 9. They actively participate in ICT classes which teach them how to use and manipulate several multimedia devices in many different ways.

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Cambridge News

Cambridge qualifications are same standard as UK equivalents – UK NARIC


An independent study by UK NARIC, the UK’s national agency for the recognition and comparison of international qualifications and skills, has found Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge International AS & A Level to be “globally relevant and robust qualifications” Read more…

Parents Info

This page contains all information essential to British Academy Parents / Guardians. We have our parent handbook with vital information on school policies and other aspects of our school, as well as the traffic plan below:

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Exam Results

  • Click here to view IGCSE and A level results

A Guide to further study

Studying in the UK

Section 1 – Why study in the UK?

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English Speaking Board (ESB)

First in the Caribbean – The British Academy and the English Speaking Board


Spoken language underpins the development of both reading and writing. Indeed, educational experts agree that the quality of language which students hear and speak is vital for developing their grammar, vocabulary and critical thinking skills.

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