The British Academy, founded in 2006 has celebrated 11 years of steady growth. What started as a need for an education that offered a seamless transition from primary to secondary education, bypassing the dreaded SEA system, has evolved into a school that prepares children for life and not just for an exam.

Over the last 11 years, we have found that the ideal classroom for us were small class sizes, a room that our children were able to question the teacher on how something works and not get a reply of ‘write the notes’. Classes where the subject was engaging, student’s debate and have an enthusiasm for the topic. We wanted teachers to be a balance of young and experienced educators who are open-minded, progressive and believe in the potential of every student, who have a passion for teaching, who genuinely enjoy and have the requisite desire for working with young adults.

The Academy is a registered Cambridge International School. It is also a registered school with the local Ministry of Education. Read More..