Our New Look

The British Academy has embarked on a journey to improve its brand. Working with Gareth Jenkins, founding Director, AbovegroupOgilvy and his team, we created what is now the brand for the British Academy.

Following is a presentation showing how the team of AbovegroupOgily came up with our brand identity.

Click on the link to view.  BA_ presentation

At the beginning they conducted a brand audit - they got to know our mission, vision,  values, goals and strategies and workflow. This included an evaluation of our business and marketing strategies, existing materials, market research and other relevant literature.

They familiarised themselves with the needs and perceptions of key stakeholders. They did a series of one hour interviews with key internal and external stakeholders as identified by The British Academy.
Additionally they examined the market context; they reviewed competing brands (local, regional and international) and their marketing and branding strategies as well as research into industry trends.
In the beginning, the process works using the hour glass methodology. A lot of information is gathered from staff and stakeholders and it is then condensed down to the simplest, purest aspects of the core proposition.
The core proposition was the single most important component of this process, as it leads to a positioning statement, the essence of what the British Academy is all about, naming, design of the brand identity and architecture as well as the visual and implementation strategies. The following presentation outlines how AbovegroupOgilvy arrived at our Core proposition.

Out of the audit document, there are a series of words that best describe the British Academy, from this list three (3) words are chosen that best sums up British Academy –balanced, vibrant and unbounded.
Through that process they continue to break it down even further, to the Core
No Limits
They listed off the areas that the British Academy shows No Limits
How does this then translate into an identity, into something visual?
They looked at our logo. Our logo had 2 flags, the British and Trinidad flag, the horse which had a meaning of freedom, and an open book to depict knowledge.
Our colours were very generic. Choosing new colours for the logo, suggested different colours less generic; colours more identifiable to the school. Creating a whole new palette of colours to work with.
They Introduced new fonts that are less than 5 years old, future focused but not futuristic in the sense of science fiction.
A modern and open font for the British Academy.
In doing some research for symbology in education, they found the obvious one being the book, of course when we all get ipads this would be less so. The graduation hat and scroll and chalkboards were some other areas.
In digging deeper they came up with the Oak tree, which symbolises, longevity, wisdom, strength, knowledge and learning, it is also a national tree of a lot of countries.
The acorn is the seed from the oak tree. The seed that produces all of this potential, the source of where all of these ideas come from, something like a student, or maybe like the British Academy where all of this greatness comes from. But there are no Oak trees in Trinidad, but we do have our own Mahogany tree which is indigenous to this region.
It is as grand as the Oak tree.
The mahogany seeds grow in a wooden pod, when the seeds are ready the pods explode and all the seeds fly out. Twirling to the ground like a helicopter propeller.
What a fantastic metaphor to depict growth and bridal potential and in a shape that is completely ours here in Trinidad & Tobago.
Using the shape of the seed, it was abstracted and then a container was formed using the letter a as it stands for Academy, they then abstracted it and came up with a new shape, that was not a crest, something that was new and modern, something British Academy.
They put it all together, using the new font, multiplying the new shape taken from the mahogany seed, to show growth and potential, encased in a container that was not completely enclosed, showing no limits, no boundaries, -The British Academy.
The team then showed the endless ways a logo could become a part of everything the Academy chooses to print, wear, ride and use on its campus. The choices are endless and presented here are just a few samples.