Mission + Vision


We will create an environment that nurtures questioning minds and adventurous spirits. 


We will create a learning facility that compares favourably to any international school in our chosen disciplines. We consider environmental, social and economic impacts when making decisions to acheive our vision.

We believe:

  • Every child can learn
  • Every child does not learn in the same way
  • Class size directly relates to student learning
  • Every child needs a nurturing and supportive learning environment
  • Readiness to learn, and to move on is our  deciding factor for class placement and promotion
  • Our core values are essential to our teaching and learning  

At The British Academy in striving to achieve the highest educational standards, we value:

  • Learning and Achievement
  • Questioning and Fearlessness
  • Nurturing
  • Innovation
  • Self Discipline
  • Trust

In all our students and staff